Why our rice?


Because it’s cultivated in a historic area of rice such as Lomellina.


Because it has homogeneous grains in size and shape thanks to paddy fields cultivated with the same cycle.


Because it is fresh rice, marketed immediately after processing in order to maintain the organoleptic characteristics unaltered.


Because it is tasty and firm after cooking thanks to a careful milling process that preserves the grain outer layers, which are rich in nutrients.

la Via del Carnaroli - The Carnaroli route

Our company has joined the project “La Via del Carnaroli – The Carnaroli route, realized by the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia and promoted by Coldiretti Pavia.

Carnaroli is the variety of rice which best represents Pavia and its territory.

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The environmental impact of our farm is contained thanks to the RIDUCTION OF CO2 released into the atmosphere from crop residues and fossil fuel consumption!


Our farm’s land is located in Lomellina, in the western part o the Province of Pavia. Thanks to its sandy texture, adequate water supply and flat slopes typical of the area, it is ideal for rice cultivation.

The water of irrigation becomes from Alps, mainly from Dora Baltea and Po, the most important river of Italy.

Our land is part of the SPA (Special Protection Area) “Rice paddies of Lomellina” and the SCI (Site of Community Interest) “ Garzaia of Verminesca”.

These areas are known in Europe and populated by herons.





Buy Contacts Italy’s historic variety, considered to be the best when it comes to preparing rice recipes. In fact it succeed in harmonizing and enhancing the most different flavors, allowing you to get the best out of your dishes.
The variety was constituted in 1945 by Ettore De Vecchi, historic rice producer, by crossing Vialone and Lencino, two old varieties.
Carnaroli is a tall plant, with wide and deep green leaves. Its panicle has grains yellow, brown to red, with particular awns, the so-called ”whiskers”, which make it difficult to harvest.
The knead grain is listed by the Italian law in the group of Superfini and is considered “Long A” according to European standards: the grains are large and with a opaque central area called “pearl”.
The variety has all of best features: firm after cooking, fervor of aromas, grain appearance, all the essentials to create important dishes but most of all an outstanding “risotto”.

Cooking time: approx. 16/18 minutes

Brown Carnaroli rice is available, with minimum processing, suitable for rice salads and accompaniment.

Cooking time: approx. 35/40 minutes


Buy Contacts A variety similar to Carnaroli, with less firm after cooking, but suitable for soft and delicate risotto dishes.
The plant is tall enough, with yellow grains.
It has a “Superfino” decorticated grain shape (Long A), large and with partial presence of the pearl.

Cooking time: approx. 14/16 minutes


Buy Contacts A variety with a round grain suitable for cakes, soups, or stews.
After being cooked it is not as firm as other varieties. This makes it ideal for the preparation of easy recipes which require a better blending of the grains with the other ingredients.

Cooking time: approx. 12/14 minutes


Buy Contacts Our naturally red coloured variety.It has a long grain and it is classified in Superfino group.The grain is brown, with minimum processing to preserve its colour features.Suitable for rice salads and inventive baking.

Cooking time: around 30/35 minutes. Be careful to limit excess cooking water to enhance the concentration of anthocyanins, high quality antioxidants responsible for its colouring.